How It Works

Cycling in Malaysia is considered safe but if you’re new to commuting, a young rider or taking it up as a sport it can feel intimidating. Cycling insurance can reduce stress for the cyclists because it means you’re covered for any bumps, scrapes or crashes.

We are the online administrator who runs by people who love cycling. We know the highs and lows of cycling and that’s why we’ve developed this portal. This portal is created to collect the information as much as possible required from the cyclist in Malaysia.

With this collected information, we will find try to a suitable insurance coverage underwritten by a licensed insurer in Malaysia. Insurance is about numbers, facts and statistics. We believe cyclists deserve a better deal when getting insurance so we will use our members’ information and combined buying power to get the best product and a competitive pricing with the insurer. As information is available on hand, the insurer able to design and price the product more accurately.

We will find an insurer which allows you to insure yourself, your bike or both together. That means a cyclist could choose to insure themselves so that they can receive a pay out if they brake a bone or have to take time off work because of it.  And you can still select cover for theft and accidental damage for your bike.